The summary of processes from the day of establishment of the company


General updates:


  • January 2015, establishment of the company, world's patent registration
  • The establishment of a Panel for a company with a winning team , at the top of the Panel founder and inventor of the patents, CEO from the hitech field , Senior vice president and business development, Director of external relations, legal Counsel.
  • February 2015 , second patent registration for the cork which preserves the wine for longer period.
  • March 2015 , we have exposed the Cork product (New-Cork) which open bottles easily, in front of 6530 wineries from all over the world in the wine exhibition (ProWein) in Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • Following the exhibition we have been exposed to various of the world's leading wineries and started advanced contacts for collaboration with them.
  • April 2015 , A meeting which created negotiations with signed Letter Of Intent to establish a partnership with No#1 Cork manufacturer in the world, who is interested to combine the "New-Cork" to their company's portfolio, to manufacture and market it worldwide.
  • The session left us a mark and made us to understand that we really do have a serious partner.
  • We are in about to fulfill the requirements of the manufacturer ,and since than we are working vigorously to provide it.
  • May 2015 , Following the exhibition in Germany, we received a demand from three different wineries, producing together approx. 1.5 Billion bottles of wine per year, who wants to join us and start to work with the product (New-Cork) once production begins. (We received letters of intent from each one).
  • Investors Conference held in Bnei-Brak made us global acclaim overseas, and we are in discussions with new investors seeking investment and also on providing added value to products and marketing.
  • Participation in the Conference in Shfayim inventions which made us understand that we have revolutionary patents, our products have caused much interest and impressive lead.
  • Participating in a startups competition held in Jerusalem (in tourism, food and wine), our products raised a huge excitement among the participants and the competition judges.

   An article about the company was published in the "Jerusalem Post" newspaper. (See Articles)

  • June 2015 , applying the experimental process of Rgon-Cork prototype in collaboration with "Grapes-man" company who are known as a wine experts.
  • We are performing the final tests now to have the decisions for prototype production of the New-Cork stopper along with engineering companies specializing in development for mass production.



Creating connections with several potential investors who are interested and seriously seeking to become partners and take part in marketing the product in the world.We have quite a few investors from Israel and abroad who presented their interest. 


  • Simoultanisally , we are facing a lot of applications from hustlers of the wine field , wishing to exploit their contacts with traders worldwide to leverage our products.
  • We are in negotiations with two companies from different countries from the field of wine marketing which express an interest and seriousness for exclusivity of our Cork enterprise market in their countries which its production should begin in about 8 months.
  • These days we have another contact with Israelis residing abroad and engaged in the wine sector who wanst to invest in the company and get the marketing in their area.
  • At the last meeting of the Board of Directors decided to split ODS company and establishing a separate daughter company for each product , since we have a progress and investors want to invest separately in each product/company .
  • Only a serious company with power and ambition as we have , is able in 5 months only , to establish a company and cause large companies to want and to invest in us and in our products, this proves our capabilities..


(Due to business considerations, we do not reveal the names and identifying information)



 5 months we have built ourselves ,

 Remaining 5 months to finilize the processes

and start to make profits !!!

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